Registration sold out for Transgrancanaria 125, Advanced and Marathon

by Prensa Transgrancanaria January 11, 2017


More than 3400 runners are already registered in the different races that Transgrancanaria HG offers for 2017

A waiting list will give the chance to cover the late vacancies

Transgrancanaria HG has closed the registration period for the Transgrancanaria 125 km, the Advanced and the Marathon distances, as the races have reached their entrants limit. The 125 km race has reached 900 runners, while the Advanced (82 km) has 550 and the Marathon (42 km) 950 athletes.

A waiting list has been activated for these three races. The interested runners who have not completed their registration yet will have a last chance to participate in the race, as the possible vacancies will be covered with the waiting list applications in the following days.

These races add up to the 360º challenge as the distances which have closed the registration period. Therefore, the Promo and Starter races are still open, with the last bibs for sale. Transgrancanaria HG 2017 has now more than 3400 registered runners for the event which will take place from the 22nd to the 26th of February.

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