Altra Running joins forces with Transgrancanaria HG

by Prensa Transgrancanaria January 22, 2018

The American shoe brand steps in with force in the Spanish Trail Races world, hand in hand with Transgrancanaria, which will be held from 21st to 25th of February


The Transgrancanaria family grows with the addition of Altra Running, one of the main running shoe brands (and leader in Trail in the US market), which will make a strong impression in Spain in 2018, hand in hand with Transgrancanaria. Altra shoes present their very own assets: the FootShape™ and the Zero Drop™ concepts.

All the models in the Altra collection feature a full suspension Zero Drop™ platform, which places the heel and the forefoot at the same distance to the ground. This natural balance align the feet, the back and the body posture to reduce impacts. It also allows the muscles in the lower calf and that surround the Achilles tendons to strengthen, which are normally weakened by the high heel shoes.

Transgrancanaria and Altra share the same philosophy, a product made by and for runners, as its founders are highly committed to improve the runners experience and therefore motivate and push everybody to become a runner.

GoldenHarper Altra founder Zion National Park

In the nineteenth edition of the Transgrancanaria, which will be held from February 21st to 25th, the American brand will provide technical products to the runners of some races and shoes to all the staff of the race.

About Altra

While working at a running store, Altra founder Golden Harper was frustrated that modern running shoe technology caused poor running form and had not decreased running injuries. His passion to create a shoe that followed the science produced Altra’s FootShape™ toe box and Zero Drop™ platform. Since its founding in 2011, Harper and co-founder Brian Beckstead have grown Altra from one to 25 shoe styles, winning multiple Editor’s Choice awards and distribution in more than 60 countries. Join the conversation @AltraRunning and #ZeroLimits on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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