by Prensa Transgrancanaria February 26, 2018

Destacada cronica 2018

Transgrancanaria HG worked a miracle. In a weekend when the weather forecasting suggested that the race would not be held, the sun came up despite the Friday and Sunday’s meteorological alerts. This situation made possible what everybody dreamed of: Transgrancanaria nineteenth edition has succeeded at all stages.

by Prensa Transgrancanaria February 19, 2018

Destacada rfea

La unión de la Transgrancanaria HG y la Real Federación Española de Atletismo augura un éxito mayúsculo para el campeonato de España de trail. La prueba estará enmarcada por primera vez dentro del calendario oficial de la RFEA, organismo que ha seleccionado este año la distancia Advanced de 64 kilómetros como prueba clasificatoria directa para el campeonato del mundo.

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by Prensa Transgrancanaria February 1, 2017


The Race’s self-protection plan has identified the areas with a higher rate of withdrawals and will make the most of it to reduce it with plenty of preventive measures

Transgrancanaria 360º runners will be geolocated twenty-four hours a day by GPS trackers as this is the most challenging of the races

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