Transgrancanaria HG 2018 is already on five continents

by Prensa Transgrancanaria July 14, 2017

The race will be held from 21st to 25th of february 2018. Including their five races and the hardest Transgrancanaria 360


The Transgrancanaria HG 2018 edition will be held on Febreuary from the 21st to the 25th. The best runners around the world, will be here to start the season. Gran Canaria has an average annual temperature beetwen 18 and 25 degrees, this help to increase every year differents countries. This great weather is a product of the fresh and humid tradewinds along the mountains that provides from the coast areas and that made one of the best Europe climates.

Since the open registration, the nationalities are growing. At this moment we have more than 45 nationalities of five continents. The runners come from Turky, Chine, Japan, Corea, Australia, Germany, Argentina, Brasil, Costa Rica, Russia, Latvia, Poland, Singapur, Hong Kong, France, Hollanda and Denmark.

The most important Transgrancanaria´s race is Transgrancanaria 125 kilometres with 7.500 meters of positive elevation and it will start from Las Canteras beach, one of the world’s best urban beaches in the city center of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The goal will be in Maspalomas, the most tourist place in the south of the island.

Then we have Advanced race, that will begin in Artenara´s village and it has 64 kilometres with 3.200 meters of positive elevation. Marathon race registrations are also growing quickly, 42 kilometres to prove the runner´s his technical skills by the paths of Gran Canaria. For lovers of short distances, they have 30 kilometres Starter race and Promo & Family Trans with 17 kilometres.

The Transgrancanaria 360 will be exciting once again.

In 2018 will celebrate the ninetenth race edition and the Transgrancanaria 360 second one. It is a hard, individual and an autonomy race. In last edition, 100 runners were fought by the mountains.

Trans 360

Tracks race won´t be availables at this moment, only a few weeks before the race. Transgrancanaria 360 will have more than 265 kilometres and aproximate 12.000 positive elevations.


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