Transgrancanaria HG overcomes a year conditioned by the climatology

by Prensa Transgrancanaria February 26, 2018

Destacada cronica 2018

Transgrancanaria HG worked a miracle. In a weekend when the weather forecasting suggested that the race would not be held, the sun came up despite the Friday and Sunday’s meteorological alerts. This situation made possible what everybody dreamed of: Transgrancanaria nineteenth edition has succeeded at all stages.

The race took place safely and four thousand runners could make their dream come true and enjoy Gran Canaria’s landscapes

We would like to express our great appreciation to the safety and emergency team that has collaborated with the race direction. The race direction has taken the necessary measures based on their self-protection plan that ensures participants safety. Finally, some of the measures were the Marathon postponement from Friday to Saturday and the neutralization of one of the 360º stretches to overcome the landslide. Runners willingly accepted these decisions.


Living up to the expectations

Excitement was in the air basically in all the Transgrancanaria HG modalities. Pau Capell defended his title for the second consecutive year in the star race. He was followed by Aurelién Collet and Cristofer Clemente from La Gomera (the Canary Islands), in second and third position respectively. Within the female category, the Polish runner Magda Laczak beat the odds after her victory in this modality.

In Advanced modality, which is also part of the Spain Trail Championship of the RFA and the first race of the WAA Spain Ultra Cup M, Pablo Villa and Mónica Vives finished in first position. The female podium was a question mark until the last seconds.

In Marathon, victory goes to Kowalczyk and Rampazzo. The German athlete, winner of the race, got the unbelievable time of 2:51:16. The other runners who shared the podium with them also finished in less than three hours. The French athletes Guibert and Lafaye were the Starter modality winners. In Promo, it was Trinidad and Ambrozova.

Magda Laczak

A hundred hours of race

In Transgrancanaria HG 360º Peter Kienzl defended again the title that last year shared with Luca Papi. Kienzl reached the finish line in Expomeloneras after only 46 hours and a half. The female category winner was also an Italian runner, AnneMaria Gross.

A special thanks for all the participants who crossed the island along 265 kilometres in a race that is only suitable for brave runners. In fact, this race was the event that put an end to Transgrancanaria HG since the finish line closed at 5:25 AM on Sunday when the last 360º participant arrived, J. Omar Carro, with a time of 94:28:59.

1. Peter Kienzl 360 (1)

Six races with circuits as significant as the Spain Trail Championship of the RFA, the Ultra-Trail World Tour or the WAA Spain Ultra Cup were held…

Another year, Transgrancanaria HG has demonstrated that it is one of the most important races of the international circuit: a total of 120 accredited media to cover the participation of 4130 runners with 72 different nationalities.

Among all the new features that could be enjoyed along the competition, the Transgrancanaria HG 125 km start line was located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The audience welcomed this return to the capital city through an unforgettable attendance in the start line.

Pablo Villa 4 primeras Advanced

The Transgrancanaria HG organization would like to thank all the sponsors and partners for their contribution to having a successful race and for helping the race to keep growing at a steady pace. Without their support, none of this could be possible.

Transgrancanaria HG 2018 says goodbye welcoming 2019 edition in which we will start to work this very day. The first step has been today afternoon after activating next editions inscriptions.

Below you will find the names of the male and female categories winners in the six different races:



1. Pau Capell – 12:42:08

2. Aurelién Collet – 12:56:39

3. Cristofer Clemente – 13:22:48

1. Magda Laczak – 15:18:37

2. Andrea Huser – 15:58:11

3. Ekaterina Mityaeva – 16:12:48



1. Pablo Villa – 05:07:04

2. Hélio Fumo – 05:09:31

3. Juan José Somohano – 05:13:45

1. Mónica Vives – 06:15:33

2. Laia Cañes – 06:15:54

3. Azara García de los Salmones – 06:17:19



1. Janosch Kowalczyk. 2:51:16

2. Danilson Pereira. 2:54:57

3. Simone Wegher. 2:57:46

1. Silvia Rampazzo. 3:12:50

2. Lucie Jasmin. 3:19:52

3. Julie Roux. 3:30:52



1. Augustin Guibert. 2:02:41

2. Matis Bondurand. 2:03:08

3. Romuald Brun. 2:05:20

1. Celine Lafaye. 2:18:14

2. Katrina Kantor. 2:19:07

3. Ester Casajuana. 2:26:06



1. Rafael Trinidad. 1:11:32

2. Lluis Tort. 1:11:54

3. Eduardo González. 1:14:09

1. Irena Ambrozova. 1:34:23

2. Katarzyna Stolorz. 1:41:59

3. Samanta Vega. 1:42:48



1. Peter Kienzl – 46:35:57

2. Andrey Gridin – 49:30:53

3. Toni Contesti, Luca Papi y Eugeni Roselló – 53:41:12

1. Annemarie Gross – 67:04:42

2. Oyunn Bygstad – 79:59:26

3. Dóra Lajos – 80:31:59