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by Prensa Transgrancanaria February 14, 2019
  • Pau Capell, the two-time champion, will try to conquer this year’s trophy.


The 20th of the Transgrancanaria HG, which will be held from February 20 to 24, will gather together 4000 trail enthusiasts, of which 1808 participants are foreigners and 2818 runners come from outside of Gran Canaria. These figures reflect the international impact of this sporting event.

Once again, the Transgrancanaria HG will have a lineup of elite runners, among which Pau Capell, the two-time champion, will try to conquer this year’s trophy. As his main competitors, we should mention the American Hayden Hawks -ranked 3 in the world ITRA ranking-, Cristofer Clemente, current trail world-runner up, Pablo Villa, former Advanced champion and the Russian Dmitry Mityaew.


Regarding the female runners of the Transgrancanaria 128, the young Asian Miao Yao keeps pulverizing all records of all the races she is treading; former champion Polish runner Magda Laczak will look for victory; Fernanda Maciel, who has 4 podiums in UTMB and Kaytlyn Gerbin, who is among the first female runners in terms of ITRA score.

Additionally, these are some other experienced male runners: Andris Ronimoiss, Min Qi, Vaidas Zlabys -second place in 2017-, Timothy Olson, Sebas Sánchez, Tony Moulai, David Lutzardo, Andrea Macchi, Julien Chorier, Luis Fernandes, Romain Berger, Romain Olivier, Ernest Ausiró, Johan Lantz, Anthony Gay, Victor Bernad, Sange Sherpa, Ugo Ferrari, Alex Fraguela, Isaac Riera, José Manuel León.

Moreover, these are some experienced female runners: Lisa Borzani, Claire Bannwarth, Ildiko Wermescher, Aroa Sio, Denise Zimmermann, Ester Alves, Lucinda Sousa, Monique Van den Boogaart, Viorica Malai, Leticia Bullido, Anna Karlsson, Shiri Leventhal, and the Canarians Raquel Rivero and Sandra Moreno.

In this 20th edition, the Advanced category will gather 869 participants. Among the most outstanding runners we find, on the one hand, Iván Camps, Andre Rodrigues, Kevin Vermeulen, Patrik Verme, Andreas Pfandlbauer, Martin Halasz, Fran Rodríguez, Javi Sosa, Italo Cassol, David Reyes Lorenzo, and, on the other hand, Dominique Van Mechgelen, Cinzia Bertasa, Irina Racynska, Johanna Nilsson, Katarzyna Winiarska, María José Guillén, Julie Heimer, Alexandra Earle and Yolanda Fernández.

The Transgrancanaria Marathon expects 879 runners, which surpasses the figures of last year’s event (829). It is a race that will gather some of the best national athletes, as the Transgrancanaria is a scoring race in order to get a spot in the Spanish national team. We are therefore honored to receive these runners: Eugeni Gil, Cristóbal Adell, Antonio Martínez, Pablo Villalobos, Efrén Segundo, Santi Mezquita, Juanjo Somohano, Borja Fernández, Pol Rodríguez, Alejandro Mayor, David López Castán, Dailos García, Darío Moitoso, Joel Aubeso and Juanjo Rodríguez.

Among the female runners, the 2018 Spanish champion, Mónica Vives, will run as favorite, but she will have a tough time dealing with some other exceptional runners like Mónica Comas, Marta Molist, Cristina Santurino, Aida Pérez, Irene Fuertes or the Canarians Mónica Zofio, Elena Rodríguez or Yasmina Castro.

Furthermore, the Marathon race will greet many international runners, like Russian Ekaterina Mityaeva, Lisa Ring, Katarzyna Solinska, Natalie White, Ioana Petenchi, or Nina Kreisherr as female candidates. Among male runners we welcome Elov Olsson, Davide Cheraz, Stefano Rinaldi, Joacim Lantz, Kamil Lesniak, Ricardo Borgialli, Robbie Britton and Armando Teixeira.

The Starter race will welcome 690 excellent runners of all ages such as Gabriele Bacchion, Marten Boström, Aday López Abellán, Álvaro Escuela, Óscar Basantes, Checho Yánez, Marine Pardell, Sara Quesada and Marie Valentine.

The Promo will have a total of 424 inscriptions and will greet some experienced runners such as Sheila Avilés or Chema Martínez. The young Catalan wants to win the race and add a new trophy to her track record. Chema, meanwhile, also debuts in this category, although last year he competed in the Advanced race.

The 360º is the real challenge: nearly 100 brave runners will seek to surround the island on a 264 kilometers experience. In this edition, we will have new winners, as the winners of the last two editions – Petr Kienzl and Annemarie Gross – will not be in Gran Canaria next week. Luca Papi and the Canarian Iván Galván will try to win this epic adventure, as well as Pablo Criado, Esteban Garcia, Rafael Cabanillas, Pavel Paloncy or runners Zoe Salt and Esther Hernandez.


Esther Hernández.

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