Arista Events were founded in 2000 with the objective of organizing Raids (adventure races). However, fate led us to devise the Transgrancanaria, now this has become the main source of work for us.

Arista Events is specialized in adventure activities and entertainment:

Arista Events is comprised of 12 people with the mission of creating one of the best mountain races in the Canary Islands, Spain and Europe, Transgrancanaria. Although during the year we can organize other races, such as Artenara Trail, Artenara VereticalEntre Cortijos y Haría Extreme. All members of Arista Events specialize in a specific area needed for the organization of mountain races: logistics, advertising, media, sports side, security, protocol and public relations.

We have great experience in organizing mountain races. All members of Arista Events regularly compete in races of this type held in the Canary Islands, nationally and even some of us frequently compete in Europe. This gives us the necessary experience to fully understand the sport, not only from an organizational point of view but also from the perspective of the runners.

Arista Events is a young and exciting company that love organising mountain races.  Through their dedication they have created an event that is well placed at the top of the European racing calendar, Transgrancanaria.