Transgrancanaria HG returns to Maspalomas Lighthouse for its finish line

by Prensa Transgrancanaria July 11, 2019
  • The historic Lighthouse held the race´s finish line in 2014 already, which attracted a big crowd overlooking the sea and full of tourists cheering the runnners
  • Expomeloneras Convention Center will continue to house all the services of the event


Less than a month ago, the organization of Transgrancanaria  opened the registration period for the next edition of the race, which will be held from March 4th – 8th  2020.

Transgrancanaria is one of the most international and prestigious careers on the world, which hosts every year thousands of runners from different corners of the planet. By 2020, the organization has confirmed that it will reduce 1000 places among all modalities, due to quality issues and commitment to runners and to the environment.

Currently, the WAA Marathon, Advanced and Transgrancanaria modalities are the most demanded, with runners from Romania, Ukraine, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Reunion Island, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, Czech Republic, among others. France and Spain are the two favourites with the highest number of registered runners.

The Maspalomas Lighthouse, an emblematic place will hold the finish line of the next edition of the race

As it has already been advanced by the press, the organization was considering to move the finish line to Faro de Maspalomas and this week it has been confirmed. “It will be a leap in quality for the race for the spectacle that surrounds the Maspalomas Lighthouse, which is located in the touristic center of Gran Canaria”, according to Transgrancanaria´s CEO, Fernando González.

In 2014 the finish line was also taken to the Faro in an edition in which winners Ryan Sandes and Nuria Picas were winners.It was a big success of affluence and atmosphere, given that the Maspalomas Lighthouse is an emblematic place of the island – located a few meters from the sea, and it is the perfect scenario to complete the adventure that is for the runners of  Transgrancanaria.

The finish line arch will be located in the Maspalomas Lighthouse area and all other race services will be catered from Expomelonera

s Convention Center. The organization will offer a free shuttle service for runners between the finish line in Faro Maspalomas and Expomeloneras Convention Centre.

To register for Transgrancanaria HG 2020 please go to www.transgrancanaria.net

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