“Trail is Female”, new topic for the next Transgrancanaria HG

by Prensa Transgrancanaria May 8, 2019

 The topic of the Transgrancanaria 2020, that will be held from 4 to 8 March, will focus on the role of women in trail sport

All the warriors who will dare to face the Transgrancanaria HG count impatiently the days left for the challenge, and as a brief but important advance today has taken place in the village of Moya the presentation of the topic of the race for 2020.

Poli Suárez, Mayor of Moya, together with Fernando González, CEO of Arista Eventos, and with a group of women from Moya, have announced this morning the topic for 2020 and the slogan of the race: “Trail is female”, a tribute to women on this sport.       Trail is the sport that allows us to enjoy nature testing our physical abilities, with natural obstacles and with the advantage, unlike running on track, to enjoy changing and impressive landscapes, and in this, women are increasingly represented.

Not only has their participation increased in this discipline, but also their performance, more and more women have top positions in international races and enter the top 10 of the rankings, all this drives the growth and increase in level of this sport. “From the organization we wanted to focus the topic of the next edition in the role that currently plays women in the trail,” said Fernando Gonzalez, CEO of Arista Events, company that organizes the race.

The advance in equality moves forward in all aspects of reality and in sport too. “With this initiative we also aim to encourage the initiation of women in this sport, not to be afraid and gradually increase participation not only at a recreational level to enjoy the mountains but also at a competitive level”, he said. The figures support it, in the 2019 edition, the participation in the race taking into account the gender of the participants was of 25% of female runner that represents about 1000 athletes who challenged themselves and faced the mountains and ravines of Gran Canaria.

Indeed the council of Moya has committed to this initiative, which will join this year by bringing the slogan “Trail is Female” to the municipality.  “The council will continue working for effective equality and to help make visible the value of the role played by women in sport and in all areas of society,” said Poli Suarez, mayor of the municipality of Moya.

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