Luca Papi returns to improve his results in Transgrancanaria HG 2020

by Prensa Transgrancanaria July 17, 2019
  • The finish line moves to the Faro de Maspalomas
  • Luca Papi returns to Transgrancanaria looking for new challenges

Luca Papi

A month after the inscriptions of the Transgrancanaria were opened, there are already confirmed runners from up to 29 countries. These figures give good faith of the importance and relevance of the race internationaly, being once again a reference in Trail Running. The three most requested modalities are the Advanced, the WAA Marathon and the Transgrancanaria Classic.

The Transgrancanaria again offers a range of modalities to adapt to the needs and desires of each participant. The Promo, Youth & Family share distance extending to 17 km with 300 meters of positive height gain. The difference will be marked by the age restrictions in the first two and the obligation to run with the family in the third. The next modality, in terms of distance, is the Starter, which reaches 30 km with 688 meters of positive elevation. Meanwhile the Transgrancanaria WAA Marathon reaches 42 km with 1000 meters of positive elevation gain.

After the 42 km barrier, the most demanding modalities are the Advanced, which will cover 65 km with a positive height gain of 2660 meters. The Transgrancanaria Classic that has 128 km and 7500 meters of positive height gain and finally the most physically demanding modality, the Transgrancanaria 360º. Of this last one, we will not provide anytrack information until two weeks before the competition but it will be over 260km with 20,000 meters of positive height gain.

Likewise all the races will suffer a significant change with respect to previous editions. This year the finish line of all modalities will be at Maspalomas’ Lighthouse, giving rise to a magical ending in an emblematic place of Gran Canaria. The last kilometres of the races will vary but distances will not be affected. The sea will witness this time one of the biggest sport events on the island of Gran Canaria.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? … It’s LUCA PAPI!!!

The Italian runner based in Paris has confirmed his participation again in the Transgrancanaria and like last year he will face the Transgrancanaria 360º and the Transgrancanaria Classic. Papi has informed the organization that he will seek to improve his feat of the last edition. “I want to improve the time of last year because I know I can do better, if I finish the 360º before I can improve the time of the Classic since I will be able to sleep and will be more rested”. Undoubtedly one of this edition’s attractions will be to see Luca Papiattempting to surpass himself in an environment he knows very well.

In his last visit to Gran Canaria a few weeks ago he gave a series of tips for the runners who will be doing the Transgrancanaria 360º. “Start with a slow pace and above all, have rested the previous 3 or 4 days.” Also, the Italian added that “if you want to make the challenge, you must recognize the route and finish it fast.” He clarified that every day he goes to work running adding a total of 24 km, 12 one way and another 12 to return back home.

This year Luca Papi came in first in the Transgrancanaria 360º, with a time of 50:14:13, and finished the Transgrancanaria Classic with a time of 27:23:07. In total the WAA corridor will return in 2020 to add a total of almost 400 kilometers.

Further information inwww.transgrancanaria.net


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