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Advanced 82Km


February 24th 2018. 07:00 hours.                                                                                                             82 km. Positive Elevation 4.300 m

A course designed only for the brave. To complete this type of Transgrancanaria need to be physically fit and experienced mountain racing over long distances. If you have successfully participated in the Transgrancanaria Marathon in the past, this may be for you the next year. The route is very similar to the Transgrancanaria 125 kilometres. It crosses some of the most outstanding natural scenery of Gran Canaria and it begins at 07:00 in the morning. The runners will traverse through the island through the valleys from the dry west to the greener wetter north. Several aid stations will welcome the runners, who will enjoy the encouragement of the thousands of people along the course that will come to marvel at your bravery.




Valleseco 7,5 977 m. 540 m. 9:00
Teror 13,6 589 m. 198 m. 10:30
Cruce de Aríñez 21,7 1426 m. 1,012 m. 13:00
Tejeda 28,4 1050 m. 292 m. 14:45
Garañón 39,2 1672 m. 1,099 m. 17:15
Tunte 51,7 887 m. 496 m. 20:40
Ayagaures 63,8 310 m. 470 m. 0:30
Parque Sur 77,6 28 m. 214 m. 4:00
Meta 81,2 15 m. 20 m. 5:00

Required Material

    • ID, passport or driving license (with photo)
    • Plastic cup
    • Emergency blanket. Minimum measures 100 cm x 200 cm.
    • Front light with extra batteries.
    • Red tail light.
    • Mobile phone with enough credit and charge.
    • Useful Water carrier with a capacity of at least 1,5-litres.
    • Enough food to face the race.
    • Race number in a visible place.
    • Raincoat made with a waterproof  and breathable  membrane.
    • Hat, scarf or similar.
    • Cash (euros)

El Garañón: central aid station

The aid station located in El Garañón (km 39,2) is the one where the participants can have the drop-bag service in Transgrancanaria. The runners interested in change their running bags must take to the checking in Expomeloneras their bag/material they want to receive in El Garañón at the same time they collect their bib. In El Garañón you will also have resting areas, hot food and medical assistance.

External assistance

These will be signalled 100 meters before the provisioning point and 100 meters after, but never in the provisioning area of the organization.

Places will not be external Tirma and Cruce de Aríñez


Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc Qualification

Transgrancanaria Advanced 83km will give 4 qualifying points (2 points with the old ITRA scale) for The Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc.qualifying race utmb



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