Starter 30Km


March, 7th 2020. 08:30h


At a distance of 31km. and with 750 positive elevation meters competitors will follow a route within a 10 hour time limit. This course is intended for those who enjoy mountain hiking and want to take their first steps in the sport of mountain running. The physical demands puts each participant and the challenge is nearby, is only 30 kilometers.

This race has three feed-station where competitors can take on more water before continuing to the finish. This distance mixes runners and hikers of all ages, that wish to participate in the Transgrancanaria to learn more about everything the media reports about this race.



Aid station   Kilometer Closing time Altitude
Hierbahuerto 2,9 km 09:20 h 1.223
Ayagaures 12,5 km 12:15 h 304
Parque Sur 26,5 km 17:00 h 28
Faro de Maspalomas (Finish line) 30 km 18:30 h 4


Required Material

    • ID, passport or driving license (with photo)
    • Plastic cup.
    • Emergency blanket. Minimum measures 100 cm x 200 cm.
    • Mobile phone with enough credit and charge.
    • Useful Water carrier with a capacity of at least 1,5-litres.
    • Enough food to face the race.
    • Race number in a visible place.
    • Raincoat.
    • Hat, scarf or similar.
    • Cash (euros)


Ultra Trail-Du Mont Blanc Qualification

Transgrancanaria Starter 30km will give 1 qualifying point with the new ITRA scale for the Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc.qualifying race utmb


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