The Starter will have a new route in 2019

by Prensa Transgrancanaria June 22, 2018
  • The distance of 30 km will depart from the dam of Chira in the next edition
  • This week the Transgrancanaria is promoted in Italy


The Transgrancanaria promotes this week in Italy its race for 2019, with the presence of an exhibitor at the fair organized by the Lavaredo Ultra Trail. The 20th edition of the Transgrancanaria will be held from 20 to 24 February next year and the registrations are still open in all its modalities -360º (#TGC360), Transgrancanaria 125 km (#TGC125), Advanced (#TGCA), Marathon (#TGCM), Starter (#TGCS) and Promo (#TGCP) -.

Among the main novelties for next year, we find the change of location of the start line of the Starter mode. The runners of this distance will start from the Chira dam, a spectacular place that has already been part of the route for  Transgrancanaria in previous editions. The TGCS will have a distance of 30.2 km, and the route will coincide with the longest distances from the Aid station of Morro de La Hierbahuerto, very close to the Chira Dam.


In the next edition, the longer distances modify its layout aswell; between Cruz Grande and Ayagaures in the case of the Transgrancanaria 125 km, the Advanced 62 km and the Marathon 42 km. The Starter will have 30,2 km.

Likewise, it is expected that more changes will be published in the coming weeks, as the organization is currently working on the reconnaissance of the route, with the intention of giving a new twist to the 17 km Promo distance, as confirmed by Fernando González, director of Arista Eventos.

The Transgrancanaria HG will be promoted in Italy

This 21st and 22nd of June, members of the organization of the Transgrancanaria will travel to Italy, in collaboration with the Tourist Board of Gran Canaria, to promote the event at the runner’s Expo organized by Lavaredo Ultra Trail, which will bring together organizers, companies and brands of the sector.

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Both Lavaredo Ultra trail and Transgrancanaria HG are part of the prestigious racing group that conforms the Ultra-Trail World-Tour®, a prestigious long distance trail racing circuit (>100 km), in different technical terrains and with various levels of difficulty. Conceived as an international circuit since its inception, consists of a series of events of reference in the five continents.


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