Boström and Avilés win the Transgrancanaria HG Starter

by Prensa Transgrancanaria February 24, 2019
  • The Finnish runner wins the Transgrancanaria HG Starter race, as he did in 2016
  • Young Catalan athlete wins her first Transgrancanaria race adding a new trophy to her track record


Mårten Boström and Sheila Avilés have won the Transgrancanaria HG Starter 30 km race this Saturday.

The Finnish, who already won this race in 2016, crossed the finish line in first position, after declaring that the he felt quite comfortable with the last section of the course, as that is the type of pavement he is accustomed to in Finland. Right after him, Gabriele Bacchion came in second at 02:03:43 and, later, Abel Carretero came in third place.

“It got a lot hotter than expected”, said the champion. When he reached the ravine, him and Gabriele had to see who could “fight the tiredness best.”

As for the female runners, Sheila Avilés, the young Catalan, won the race and added a new trophy to her track record, Followed by the Spanish Sara Jadillo, who arrived fifteen minutes later, and, later on, Becky Quinn came in third position.


Mårten Boström (FI) 02:02:58

Gabriele Bacchion (IT) 02:03:43

Abel Carretero (ESP) 02:07:43

Sheila Avilés (ESP) 02:26:36

Sara Jarillo (ESP) 02:41:22

Becky Quinn (IRE) 02:41:37


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