by Prensa Transgrancanaria February 9, 2017

In 2017, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour, ITRA and Athletes For Transparency teamed up to put in place a health policy for all 23 races on the circuit.

It is a set of actions aimed at increasing the prevention and protection of the health of athletes:

The ITRA Health Space

It is a collaborative platform where the runners and medical staff of the race can feed with health information, necessary to assure the smooth conduct of the race.

Medical records, medications and current treatments, results […]

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by Prensa Transgrancanaria October 26, 2016


With four months to go for the start of the race, which will be held from the 22-26 February, there are already 2.200 registered runners

The registration period for Transgrancanaria started the last 5th of July. Since then, the madness for Transgrancanaria has been a blast. The event will be held during the last week of February, from the 22nd to the 26th, and the list of runners […]

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