by Prensa Transgrancanaria May 8, 2019

 The topic of the Transgrancanaria 2020, that will be held from 4 to 8 March, will focus on the role of women in trail sport

All the warriors who will dare to face the Transgrancanaria HG count impatiently the days left for the challenge, and as a brief but important advance today has taken place in the village of Moya the presentation of the topic of the race for 2020.

Poli Suárez, Mayor of Moya, together with Fernando González, CEO of Arista […]

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by Prensa Transgrancanaria March 25, 2019

It has been a month since the celebration of the 20th edition of the Transgrancanaria HG, held from 20th to 24th February, and the organization would like to highlight the safety and emergency plan, as it has been unprecedented.Transgrancanaria is a world benchmark in many of its organizational areas, and from this year it will also be so thanks to an unprecedented deployment of emergencies and coordination of resources similar to any other race of this nature at a global […]

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