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The ULTRA TRAIL® WORLD TOUR (#UTWT) is an international Circuit consisting of the twenty-three most distinguished long-distance trail running races (more than 100 km) in the world. Transgrancanaria is one of the races to represent Spain in this series of courses.

The UTWT is organized in partnership with the International Trail Running Association (ITRA). It gives trail running lovers the perfect opportunity to travel all around the world and to participate at least once in their lives in one of these so-called races which are 100 km or longer. This experience is perfect to share this sport with participants of different cultures while exploring wonderful landscapes.

Running in an Ultra-Trail® World Tour means making part of a very special group of people. From first to last to cross the finish line, there are outstanding performances at all levels which come along with challenges and emotions. And, without a doubt, the final pleasure of being a finisher. The races allow the meeting of incredible athletes. Champions who deserve to be known and famous thanks to their performances, which inspire runners from all over the world.

Winners will receive a proper PRIZE, too. Awards are as follows: $5,000 for both female and male race winners, $2,000 for the second ones; $1,500 for the third place; $750 for the fourth place and $500 for the fifth place.

Out of the twenty-three races, five (including Transgrancanaria) are part of the ULTRA TRAIL® SERIES. These races have more points for the ULTRA TRAIL® WORLD TOUR annual ranking.

By taking part in the ULTRA TRAIL® WORLD TOUR circuit and specifically in the ULTRA TRAIL® SERIES, Gran Canaria and the race organization are awarded proper recognition for the great work that has been accomplished in the lasts years. Our participation in the ULTRA TRAIL® WORLD TOUR will provide Transgrancanaria and Gran Canaria with more international fame, a larger number of people and more media impact.

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