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Transgrancanaria HG 2017 opens registration next week

by Prensa Transgrancanaria juin 30, 2016


The main novelties of the event will include the new 360º challenge and the change of day of the Marathon, which will start on Friday


Registration will be available through the site of Chronorace and they will have a discount until the 11th of October

Everything is ready for Transgrancanaria HG 2017. The race, which will be held from the 22nd to the 26th of February, will open its registration period next Tuesday, July 5th, at 12:00 local Canary time (11:00 h GMT). The event has important changes which will make it the longest and most spectacular Transgrancanaria in its 14 years of history.

Transgrancanaria HG will continue with its philosophy of guaranteeing high quality services to the runners, who will be the leading actors of the race. The next edition will be celebrated a week sooner than the traditional date, and it will have a new race: Transgrancanaria 360º, a 265 km challenge which has had an impressive reception since being announced yesterday and which will be very attractive for the lovers of ultradistances. The event will be completed with the traditional races: Transgrancanaria (125 km), Advanced (82 km), Marathon (42 km), Starter (30 km) and Promo and Family Trans (17 km).

The prices for the registration remain the same as in the 2016 edition. The organization settles a discount period until October 11th for the major races – 360º, Transgrancanaria, Advanced and Marathon. From this date on, the prices will be the official ones.

Another important fact for 2017 will be that the Marathon changes its date and it will be held on Friday, February 24th. As it is the race with the highest demand of the event, the aim is to give the Marathon a greater relevance, so the runners of the Marathon will compete by theirselves in an exclusive day. This way, the starting time can be sooner (09:00 h) and the runners and relatives will be able to follow and support the other races of the weekend.

Transgrancanaria HG 2016 is already known as the records edition. Thanks to the perfect weather we had and the top level of runners, the participants broke all the timing expectations in the new track. 2017 will be the consolidation year for the course, and we’ll see if the runners can improve the times settled by Didrik Hermansen and Caroline Chaverot in the 125 km race, which will be for the fourth year in the Ultra-Trail World Tour. Besides, the Advanced and Marathon will repeat participation in the national tour Spain Ultra Cup Aml Sport HG.

A new piece of information that runners must also have to notice is that the registration for Transgrancanaria 2017 will be made through a new website. Chronorace, company in charge of the timing system, has a registration site for all the races organized by Arista, where runners can log in and fill their applications. After creating an account (if the runners don’t previously have it), runners must fill the form which will be available in three languages: Spanish, English and French.

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