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New registration site

by Prensa Transgrancanaria juin 30, 2016

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This year, the registration of Transgrancanaria HG will be made through the new site of Chronorace, the company in charge of the race’s timing system. The use of this new platform is very similar to the one we’ve had the past few years in Transgrancanaria, so we are sure that you won’t have problems with it.

Important! Your account in Transgrancanaria’s website won’t have utility from now on, so you will just have to create a new one in Chronorace and, with it, fill the registration for Transgrancanaria and the rest of the races organized by Arista Eventos in a very simple way. If you already have an account in Chronorace, you will just have to log in with your user and password the next 5 of July and fill the registration form for Transgrancanaria HG 2017. If you do not have an account, please follow these instructions:

  • Go to the site of Chronorace.
  • Click in the Runners Area.
  • You will see a message that says: « Create an account. If you have not created an account on our website yet click here ».
  • Sign up filling your personal information. This way, you won’t have to fill your personal data again in our future races.
  • When you finish, you will receive a confirmation email. You will have to click the link in order to have access to your runners area.
  • Once your account is confirmed, log in with your user and password and you will be able to fill the application form when the registration period is opened.
  • For safety reasons, the site will ask you to fill a very simple math operation. It is the way for us to prove that you are not a bot :)

This is it! We suggest that, if you are willing to come back to Transgrancanaria, you can create the account before the registration period is open so you can simply log in next Tuesday and fill the application form. Thanks for this effort! You wil see that it is worth it and that the registration will be easier from now on.

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