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The growth of the Ultra Trail races nationally has been very remarkable in recent years. Among all the options that have emerged, there is one of them that stands out: “Spain Ultra Cup”, created in 2014. Virtue of the concern by some directors and national runners, the race came into sight. They wanted to do something “pretty” and sustainable for this sport, having the runners as main actors and actresses. With this project, it was sought to promote the popular and participative nature of these tracks. This “association” got down to work, having in mind very strong values, such as the protection and recovery of the environment through a sustainable organization, the promotion of the areas where the tracks take place and an outstanding organising quality. High levels of work and few means were the elements that indicated the first steps of the SUC. Also, desire, motivation and effort to create what is nowadays a reference of ultra-distances in Spain.

The first edition of the circuit left a good impression between runners and staff members. Five tracks shaped the outline that became a reality for many runners. They fought in order to become “Iberian wolves” and achieve their longed-for finisher jacket. After the success of this first year, several track proposals wished to join the project by 2015. To extend the circuit to cover a greater geographic range was one of the objectives. Due to this, negotiations began with different tracks, trying to maintain the different quality parameters. These procedures were prolonged in time and finally it was possible to arrive at areas that had not been thought of and that offer a broader scope to the circuit. Amlsport and Sport HG also joined the project as main sponsors of the circuit, and in 2016 the seal of the Spain Ultra Cup was already more than consolidated.

The French brand WAA joins the Spain Ultra Cup, which is divided into these two circuits towards what is said to be a historic season:


Popular Tour.

With the SUC, the organization tries to bring this Ultra Trail discipline to all runners, offering attractions to elites, amateurs and those who run with the sole objective of reaching the goal. Very flexible opening times to receive the large group, supplies and services from the first to the last, finisher pledge for all participants…

The goal for any runner who wants to score during a year of SUC is to complete 3 tracks. By doing this, they will be in the final ranking of the circuit. But the purpose for the vast majority is to fill the SUC passport in several years. In the SUC passport appears all the tracks of the circuit. As the runner completes them, the valuable stamps for each one will be obtained.

The finisher pledges are up to the circumstances. They are top quality to reward the participants’ efforts who are launching the adventure of an ultra circuit. In addition, this year there will be the possibility of obtaining different finisher pledges, but this is a surprise that will be revealed by the organisation in the presentation of the circuit.

The “best” will also be rewarded. A final podium with room for the 10 (5 male and 5 female) best, with prices for all, as well as cash price to the winner (1 male and 1 female).

New sponsors in the SUC provide more chances to the growth of the circuit.

In short, we are trying to do something nice and prestigious for the runner. The organisation is working hard, and putting a lot of commitment and joy. There is no doubt something great will be achieved.