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Transgrancanaria 360º, a new resistance challenge thought for the bravest

by Prensa Transgrancanaria juin 29, 2016

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This new race will have 265 km and 16.500 meters of positive elevation and it will discover the most unique corners of the island

Arista Events, the company in charge of Transgrancanaria HG, has the idea of keep growing and exploring new challenges. “In 2017 we will take a new step, adding a new race to our traditional five distances: Transgrancanaria 360º, a great deed which not many people are able to afford, an adventure where the mountains will be your only allied”, states Fernando González, co-organizer of the event. It will be an individual resistance challenge, with a distance of approximately 265 km and a positive elevation of 16.500 meters, with the start and finish line in Maspalomas.

With this new challenge, the event will start some days before the traditional Friday night. “Transgrancanaria 360º will go through the coast and the interior of the island, running by unique landscapes and facing the great diversity of microclimates that the participants will find in his way”, says González. This will surely be an epic adventure surrounding an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Transgrancanaria 360º will be limited to 360º runners, who will be selected considering their experience, which they will have to demonstrate filling a form during the registration. “We will evaluate each candidate considering their experience in ultra-trail distances and their knowledge of orienteering and use of tracking tools”, added David Déniz, coorganizer of the event. Only some few privileged runners will be able to have the chance of participating in this wonderful challenge.

What makes this new race so challenging is the fact of it being self-sufficiency, where every runner must plan their own strategy and sleeping hours. “The organization will only offer three aid stations, where the runners will have the chance to rest, be fed and collect the bags they previously handled to the organization”, explains Déniz. Each runner will carry a geo-positioning system which will report to the organization where they are every minute. “This will guarantee the participant’s safety and we will be able to confirm they are running through the correct track”.

Managing the sleeping hours, to ration the food and beverage and to plan each day’s kilometers with the help of a GPS will be some of the virtues that the runners must handle. This will be, without doubts, a challenge which only the bravest will be able to accomplish, and it is a new claim for local and international runners who have made the race grow since 2003.

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