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Ahembo makes its debuts with Pepsi MAX in the Transgrancanaria HG 2020

The 2020 edition of the Transgrancanaria will be special for Ahembo, since it becomes an official sponsor of the event for the first time with its brand Pepsi MAX, giving a name as well to the central provisioning area of the race located in El Garañón.

Ida Vega, head of Communication, Sponsors and Institutional Relations of Ahembo, along with Fernando González y Héctos Cubas, from Arista Eventos, organizing and promoting company of the race, made this first deal with the intention of continuity in the future by both parties.

The provisioning area in El Garañón, through which almost 3,000 runners and hundreds of relatives will pas, will be this year the provisioning area Pepsi MAX and will have a recreation area so athletes and the public can enjoy the race.

Ida Vega indicated that for Ahembo “it is a great satisfaction to collaborate for the first time in this event. Even if it is our debut, it is an event that we love and know very well because of its media coverage and promotion and also because of its bond with Gran Canaria’s people”.

This is a way for Ahembo to add a great event to the list of sport teams and events with which it collaborates every year as part of its commitment corporate social responsibility.

Apart from the Pepsi Max El Garañón provisioning area, the brand will collaborate with other provisioning areas by offering Pepsi to runners to endure the race. In races of this calibre, the contribution of sugar and carbohydrates of rapid absorption are essential and the Transgrancanaria HG will have a reference to provide quality to the participants of the race.

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