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An epic closure for an unforgettable Transgrancanaria HG 2020

The Transgrancanaria HG trail race has made it again with another exciting year. Kaytlyn Gerbin (USA) has become the champion in women’s category in the Transgrancanaria Classic, a 128-km competition throughout the island, from north to south. Gerbin broke the race record since its start is located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Chinese trail runner Fuzhao Xiang was second and Spanish Azara García, third position.

In men’s category, Pau Capell will share the title with Pablo Villa after they both reached the finish line together. The Transgrancanaria HG Classic will have two champs. Dylan Bowman (USA) completes the podium with third place.


French runner Maryline Nakache was first in the finish line in Faro de Maspalomas. Swedish Petra Kindlund was second and local runner Esther Fernandez, third. Local runner Alejandro Mayor was the winner in men’s and overall competitions. He reached the finish under six hours. After him, Jordi Gamito and Tofol Castanyer.

WAA Marathon

Anna Commet and Andreu Simon won the Transgrancanaria WAA Marathon in women’s and men’s categories. They were both among the favourites to get the victory in the race.

Starter, Promo and Youth

British Mery Cooper was the female winner in the Starter race and Kenny Kivikas from Estonia won the mens race. Transgrancanaria Promo (17km) victory was for Elena Cabrerizo (Spain) and Antonio Cardoso (Cape Verde).Candela Rivero and Javier Fernández were the winners in the Youth category.



  1. Kaytlyn Gerbin. 15:14:39
  2. Fuzhao Xiang. 15:25:40
  3. Azara García. 15:31:36


  1. Pablo Villa. 13:04:10
  2. Pau Capell. 13:04:10
  3. Dylan Bowman. 13:40:28



  1. Maryline Nakache. 06:57:58
  2. Petra Kindlund. 07:17:31
  3. Esther Fernandez.07:26:29


  1. Alejandro Mayor. 05:57:57
  2. Jordi Gamito. 06:04:17
  3. Tofol Castanyer. 06:09:20



  1. Anna Comet. 03:35:25
  2. Eli Gordón. 03:38:31
  3. Gemma Arenas. 03:42:21


  1. Andreu Simon. 02:56:45
  2. Juanjo Somohano. 03:02:12
  3. Mario Olmedo. 03:10:10



  1. Meryl Cooper. 02:33:50
  2. Karolina Obstoj. 02:51:22
  3. Elvira Gutiérrez. 02:54:31


  1. Kenny Kivikas. 02:01:44
  2. Gi Pereira. 02:04:23
  3. Wilson Gabriel Cardoso. 02:04:23



  1. Paula Cabrerizo. 01:17:48
  2. Edena Lima. 01:21:43
  3. Estela Guerra. 01:24:52


  1. Antonio Cardoso. 01:04:22
  2. Aday López. 01:07:04
  3. Eddj Nani. 01:07:49



  1. Candela Rivero. 01:29:35
  2. Noelia Santana. 01:51:28
  3. Adela Caballero. 02:08:38


  1. Javier Fernández. 01:05:23
  2. Alejandro Rodríguez. 01:06:43
  3. Gabriel Pérez. 01:15:09

You can get more information at LiveTrail.

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