Transgrancanaria has announced a new date for 2024: 21st to 25th February

The event will once again kick off the international trail running calendar – Registrations will be open from June onwards
The date for Transgrancanaria 2024 has already been set. The trail race, which will celebrate its 25th edition, will be held between the 21st and the 25th of February to launch the international trail running calendar. From the spectacular Vertical Kilometre race El Gigante to the nearly 130 kilometres of the Classic race, the race will once again feature six categories.
One month after this year’s edition ended, Arista Eventos is already working on the next edition. Many trail runners appreciated the new tracks and dates, as well as the improved services to better meet their needs.
This year marks the ‘silver jubilee anniversary’ of the Transgrancanaria. It will be held in the middle of winter, when the northern countries experience freezing conditions that prevent the sport from being practiced. Due to their mild temperatures, the Canary Islands’ weather is more stable, allowing trail races to be organised where runners experience cold temperatures at the summit and heat along the coast. These changes in temperature have already become a hallmark of the event.
The race will once again feature six races to suit all levels: the Vertical Kilometre El Gigante, Promo / Youth, Starter, Marathon, Advanced and the Classic, where participants will tackle around 130 kilometres on a course that explores some of the most spectacular corners of the island.
Transgrancanaria will inaugurate the 2024 international calendar of Trail Running races. Every year, the race draws the main stars of this sport, such as the Classic winners of the last edition, Courtney Dauwalter and Andreu Simón; Marathon winners Nuria Gil and Robert Pkemoi, or the first classified of the Advance category, Azara García de los Salmones and George Foster, as well as many others such as Bart Przedwojewski from Poland, who won the Vertical Kilometre El Gigante and the Starter category, the Canadian Jazmine Lowther or the Spanish athletes Claudia Tremps, Pau Capell, Gemma Arenas, Antonio Martínez and Álex García.
It is also an excellent showcase for the Canarian athletes, who are competing against the world’s top athletes with outstanding results. Last February, Dominique Van Mechgelen reached fifth place among the Women’s category in the Classic, Estanislao Rivero and Ricardo Luis Trujillo finished tenth and eleventh respectively in the main race; Alejandro Mayor and Estela Guerra were 12th and 15th in the Marathon and Yoel de Paz finished in second place in the Vertical Kilometre El Gigante behind Przedwojewski.
Registrations will be open next June via the website. The dates will be available in the coming weeks.

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