Will Transgrancanaria HG 2021 be held?

Yes, the edition is moving forward. We are very optimistic and determined to celebrate the event as scheduled. During the weekend of January 29th, the Government of the Canary Islands will update the alert level of the different islands. As of today (Tuesday, January 26th), Gran Canaria is in Phase 3. The event can be held as soon as the alert level is reduced to Phase 2 in the following updates.

What happens if the alert level doesn’t decrease?

In case the alert level is not reduced during the weekend of January 29th for Gran Canaria, the organization will wait until the next weekly update of the Government of the Canary Islands (February 5th). If the alert level remains at 3, the organization will hold one more week. The sanitary forecasts are optimistic regarding Gran Canaria to get back to the Phase 2 really soon.

What is the deadline for a possible event postponement?

Monday, February 15th is the date where Transgrancanaria will decide if the race must be postponed to a new date it the alert level has not been still reduced to a Phase 2.

What happens with my race entry in case the race is postponed?

Should the race not be held during the scheduled weekend, the organization will maintain the race entry for the runner for the new date. Those runners who cannot assist to the new possible date will receive different options regarding their registration.

What is the deadline for a registration refund?

If any participant wants to cancel his/her registration for personal reasons for Transgrancanaria 2021, two different options are stated in our regulations:

  • If the refund insurance has been hired: he/she will have the right of a full refund – except the insurance fee and the extra services – without time limit (until February 26th).
  • If the refund insurance has not been hired: the runner has the right of a partial refund as stated in the regulations. This time limit expired on January 24th, but has been extended until February 1st as a courtesy.

Will there be new race entries available for Transgrancanaria 2021?

No, the organization will not open a new registration period at the moment. If any runner is interested in participating, please write an email to info@transgrancanaria.net and the request will be evaluated considering possible vacancies.

I need a document that certifies my participation in order to travel to Gran Canaria. How can I manage this?

Check your mail’s inbox and search for your race entry’s confirmation email (you can text “chronorace” in the search field). You will have a link to download a proof of registration. This document has all your personal data, the name of the organizer and the dates that the race is going to be held.

What happens if there is a night curfew?

The organization is working with the authorities in order to have a special permission for runners, organizers and security services to be outside their homes and hotels in the restricted night hours. This won’t be an important issue to solve.

Do I need a negative Covid-19 test to travel to Gran Canaria?

The runners who do not live in Gran Canaria must follow the sanitary protocol set by the Government of the Canary Islands. Please check the information here.

What will be the new health measures in Transgrancanaria?

The organization will edit and send to every runner a wide dossier regarding the new health features that will be set for this event. It will be an extensive health protocol which has already been tested in several races organized by our company and that will be improved for a big event such as Transgrancanaria.

Can we have companions and crowd during the event?

No, Transgrancanaria 2021 will be an event authorized to be held without crowd in any of the places of the event. This is a very important rule. As a consequence, external aid is also forbidden during all the race. We are working on a high quality broadcast and a wide social media team to have everyone connected to the race all over the World during the full weekend.