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Information: modifications in race courses

Today. we have to tell you some information regarding the race courses for our 2023 edition, as due to permits issues and some other new proposals to improve the route, we have several changes that affect the Advanced, Classic, Marathon and Promo races. All these modifications are already updated in our website with the new profiles, technical info, distances and tracks.


Transgrancanaria SWE returns in its next edition to the urban area of Tunte, which will host the departure of the Starter and the usual aid station that during the last two editions moved to the football field in order to guarantee the safety distance between runners and volunteers due to to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This change will generate modifications in the three longest races of the event. The runners of the Classic, Advanced and Marathon will now go down to the town square, where the refreshment point will be, and then continue through the streets until they connect with the Degollada de la Manzanilla trail. Likewise, the center of the town of Tunte will be the starting point, on Thursday, of the Starter that will end in Tejeda after 24 kilometers.


Another of the sections that will undergo a change to improve the races is Cruz de Tejeda-Tejeda. The former route, which crosses the main road five times, is replaced by the trail that connects to the El Rincón and then continues to the urban area of Tejeda. With this change, which affects the Classic, Advanced and Promo modalities, the access to La Vaguada Center is also better, where the aid station will be located, which will be indoors for the next edition.


Regarding the Classic race, another of the changes will take place at the entrance and exit to Arucas. The runners, after going through Santidad Alta, will ascend to Riquianez and then go down to the Sports Center where the aid station will be and then go up to Riquianez again by the uphill closest to Visvique. With this modification, this section is extended by approximately 800 meters.


In the Transgrancanaria Advanced, the route increases its distance to 84 kilometers. The race will start at Agaete and will go up to the Era of Berbique. Due to permit issues, the race will run around the Tamadaba Natural Park. Thus, it will go down to San Pedro to continue through El Sao and El Hornillo, where the first of the aid stations will be established and the runners will share the route with the Classic participants until they reach Presa de Los Pérez. At this point, the track will continue until it connects with the Lugarejos neighborhood. The runners will reach Artenara from the Chajunco ravine. These modifications do not affect the Transgrancanaria Classic, which will be able to pass through the interior of the Tamadaba Natural Park.

This is everything! As we’ve told you, all this information is already updated in the different sections of our official website.

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