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‘Invictus’ will be the topic of Transgrancanaria HG 2021

With this claim, the race wants to honor the step forward taken by the society in a tough year that we are living

The registration period will open next Wednesday, July 15th, for all the races except the 360º challenge, which is pending on a viability exam

This Wednesday, July 15th, the road to the most special edition of Transgrancanaria HG gets started with the registration opening. Right after holding the event in 2020 prior to the state of alarm being established in Spain, the sports competitions got paralized almost in every country of the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the main objective of organising an event with health protocols that guarantee the safety of everyone involved in the race, Transgrancanaria 2021 would like to focus its claim in a tribute to the step forward that the society has taken in such a rough year.

This is why the topic chosen for the next edition will be Invictus, a word that gathers several meanings with positive connotations in social matters. To start with, it will be used as a tribute to those who have sacrificed so much to fight against the coronavirus, with months of lockdown in many countries and with overcapacities in many hospitals with a high level of uncertainty. The society, in one of the worst moments of the last decades, has shown a great union to face an unknown enemy like this one.

Besides, the Word Invictus stands for “undefeated, always a winner”. Therefore, specially in the next edition of Transgrancanaria, there won’t be a single champion but thousands of undefeated brave runners. Those who get listed in the event and get to cross the finish line in the Maspalomas Lighthouse will be able to raise their hands and feel like the greatest heroes. Only with the desire of completing such a difficult challenge, the participants will demonstrate their desire to overcome such a tough situation.

In addition, Invictus is also a reference to a movie based on real events which talks about racial matters through sports. 2020 is also being a year in which the world is taking a new step forward in the fight against racism, and Transgrancanaria wants to join this social position and send a message through this word, which gave the name to this movie that touched many souls with the figure of Nelson Mandela as a very relevant person to join the Southafrican population after the apartheid.

Finally, Transgrancanaria has also remained undefeated in its 17 years of history, overcoming extreme situations such as rainstorms, wind alerts, calima and even snow. The event has always been able to stand every single year, even in 2020 as being previous to the health alert. Next year, if the situation is favorable, the race will live its 22nd uninterrupted edition with new protocols to guarantee everyone’s safety.

Under this claim, Transgrancanaria HG 2021 gets started this Wednesday, July 15th at 12:00 h, with the registration opening for the Classic, Advanced, Marathon, Starter, Promo, Youth and Family trans, which will have the course variation of going back to Tunte. The race entries for the 360º is postponed and pending on a viability exam. The organization hopes to be able to celebrate the fifth edition of this massive challenge that has placed Gran Canaria as a destination where to run for more than 260 kilometers and discover the wildest places in the island.

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