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Luca Papi da por finalizado su reto con un tiempo de 850 km y 41.242 metros de desnivel positivo

The Italian runner completed three of the four Transgrancanaria 360º that he scheduled after deciding not to continue due to a quad injury and the high temperatures

Luca Papi started on August 31st the #GranCanaria1000K and ran day and night during 13 days, in self-sufficiency and with an average of 90 minutes of sleeping per day

Luca Papi has been defined as an unearthly force by many people. A kilometer devourer who has written one of the most amazing stories in ultradistance. The Italian runner planned to connect the four courses of the Transgrancanaria 360º, with an itinerary of over 1,100 kilometers and an elevation gain of more than 100,000 meters which would’ve taken around 15 days to be ended. However, this weekend he decided to stop after completing his third 360º course, with a total distance of 850 kilometers and after climbing 41242 meters.

13 days, 275 hours, 850 km & 82000 KCAL

Photo: Josefir

Luca Papi kicked-off his #GranCanaria1000K challenge on Monday, August 31st, with a prologue stage that took kim from the Port of Agaete to Roque Nublo, where he would start with the first of the Transgrancanaria 360º courses he planned to race, the one corresponding to his latest victory in March 2020.

Brief summary of the #GranCanaria1000K challenge, which had the collaboration of the Gran Canaria Tourism Board

Luca Papi started his adventure with a prologue stage (Agaete – Roque Nublo) which he completed in about 12 hours. After this, the 2020 course of the 360º was his first stage, with 262 kilometers which he ended in barely 72 hours.

After this, he started his second stage, corresponding to the 2018 course, a 239 kilometers track which took him nearly 82 hours to finish and which gave the chance to the crowd to see him in some locations of the capital city such as Las Canteras beach or Triana.

As soon as he finished the second stage, he faced the third one, corresponding to the 2019 edition, with a really tough course of 264 kilometers and 13,265 meters of positive elevation, which he ended in 102 hours after battling with a leg injury and very high temperatures which forced him to walk.

Photo: Josefir

The conditions have been really extreme in this #GranCanaria1000K challenge: days of wild temperatures, up to 40ºC, sleeping in the middle of the trails or in benches along the way, long sections without water supplies, four different sneakers and very few hours of sleeping. However, the Italian runner has never lost his smile and has always been grateful with the hospitality of the people of Gran Canaria, who have offered Luca food, beverage, resting areas and even massages.

Photo: Josefir

Francisco Castellano, Counceler of the Gran Canaria Sports Board, gifted Luca Papi with a commemorative trophy when he arrived to Maspalomas

After 13 days and 850 kilometers of a rough course, the Italian ultrarunner, who has won three of the four editions of the Transgrancanaria 360º, has opened a new era in ultradistance history. With this challenge, Luca Papi has become one of the most beloved athletes in the island, a recognition made by Francisco Castellano, the Sports Counceler who gifted the runner with a plaque after “such an amazing achievement in a challenge taken place in Gran Canaria”.

Photo: JosefirThis #GranCanaria1000K has been one of the most extreme challenges never taken by a runner, with a really awesome itinerary:

  1. Agaete – Roque Nublo: Prologue stage (46 kms approx).
  2. Transgrancanaria 360º 2020 course, starting in Roque Nublo and ending in Maspalomas (262 kms).
  3. Transgrancanaria 360º 2018 course, starting in Roque Nublo and ending in Maspalomas (269 kms).
  4. Recorrido Transgrancanaria 360º 2019, starting in Roque Nublo and ending in Maspalomas (262 kms).
  5. Recorrido Transgrancanaria 360º 2017, starting in Roque Nublo and ending in Maspalomas. (NOT DONE).

Luca Papi had the collaboration of the Gran Canaria Tourism Board, the sports brand WAA, Garmin and NBS (New Block System), which have given him the support to run through the 21 municipalities of Gran Canaria during 13 days.

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