Official statement February 12th – Transgrancanaria HG

Dear runners,

We are writing to you to update you on exciting news about the Transgrancanaria HG 2021 🙂

The event, due to take place from 24th to 28th February, has been approved by the Government of the Canary Islands as long as the strict security and preventive measures planned by our organization are implemented. Therefore, the race goes ahead with the changes we have already informed you about.

On Thursday afternoon, the Government of the Canary Islands announced that the level 3 was extended, at least, until February 22nd. Hence, we have adopted the necessary security and preventive measures to hold the event even in level 3.

With security being our main priority in this event,  the most crucial thing in these challenging times is that we all runners, organization, brands, families, etc collaborate to hold an exemplary Transgrancanaria in every possible way.

Although there will be a smaller number of participants than in previous editions, external public will not be allowed and some changes have been made in start and finish lines, in aid stations and so on,  the most important is that the Transgrancanaria HG 2021 is still alive!

“Sport is a preserver of health” and we want to keep showing it in this event we have been dreaming about for so long.

Remember that, if you still want to cancel your race entry and you didn’t hire the refund insurance, the deadline for a partial reimbursement is set on February 14th.

Those runners who did hire the refund insurance have the possibility of a cancellation until the race’s week.

We wish you all the best and we will see you in 15 days!

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