Pau Capell joins Transgrancanaria HG for the seventh consecutive year

The Catalan runner has the most relevant record book in Transgrancanaria’s history and he will be back the next 26th of February

“It’s so satisfying, it’s the only race I run every year”, explains Capell

The image of a victorious Pau Capell crossing the finish line in Maspalomas has become a classic of the Transgrancanaria HG. It’s no surprise, as the romance between the Catalan runner and Gran Canaria started in 2015, when a young Capell pulled off his first victory in the Advanced race. His record book is impressive: he has conquered the Classic race ending third once and winning four times in a row – last year sharing the gold medal with Pablo Villa -.

However, Capell and his legend keep growing. Hailing from Sant Boi, Barcelona, he has confirmed he will be running this year as well in Gran Canaria. The four-time champion of the Transgrancanaria has his name already engraved in gold letters and his tattoo is a memento of his determination: fight for what you want, love what you have.

“Transgrancanaria was my first important ultra trail running race. I’ve been taking part in this event for seven years now and it’s so satisfying, it’s the only race I run every year. Everything, from the crowd to the organization and the landscapes, makes it truly unforgettable” states Capell. “I’ll be back this year, I wish to grab a fifth consecutive win”, adding, a bit tongue in cheek, that despite this being a tough year, “someone has to win”.

On top of that, since the Transgrancanaria HG entered the Spartan Trail World Championship, Capell has yet another reason to come back to the island. “My 2021 resolution is to take part in the Spartan Trail World Championship, which I consider the most professional ultra distance championship at the moment”, he explains.

Pau Capell is an icon of Transgrancanaria and an inspiration to all those who love trail running on the island. Many follow his deeds eagerly. The Catalan runner has stated a number of times that, in his heart, he feels Canarian too. In 2017 he won the Classic for the first time; 2018 was his second milestone; in 2019 he won his third victory; 2020 was his poker… He’s dreaming of getting a repoker and completing five in a row. Nothing is impossible for Pau Capell and his love for Gran Canaria will probably last for many years.

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