Transgrancanaria bids farewell to its twentieth anniversary with epic and satisfaction

The Gran Canarian race recovers its traditional vitality after last year’s restrictions due to the pandemic.

An edition marked by the weather, which made the race even more difficult

The Transgrancanaria HG 2022 brings the curtain down for the twentieth year. And it does so, for yet another year, proud of having fulfilled the expectations generated around it. With the natural sadness that comes with saying goodbye to a weekend of intense emotions and pure challenge, but with the satisfaction of having lived up to it once again.

Twenty years of career. Two decades of constant growth that have led the Gran Canaria race to become, step by step, one of the world references in trail running. A right that has been earned in its own right based on the work of many people.

This edition was undoubtedly marked by the variable weather conditions that characterise Gran Canaria: wind, rain and low temperatures at the top of the island, which contrasted with the sunshine that most of the runners were able to find at the finish line. A circumstance that made the races even tougher this year.

In fact, the organisers were forced, for safety reasons, to cut a small part of the route, in the loop of the Roque Nublo esplanade at the start and the entire six-kilometers lap from 16:30 onwards. It is a top priority for Transgrancanaria HG that all runners can complete the experience of reaching the finish line in Parque Sur in the best possible conditions.

Weather aside, for Transgrancanaria HG it has been an edition of very good news. The first, without a doubt, is the relative return to normality, after a 2021 in which the pandemic took too much of the limelight, with obvious difficulties for the organisation, runners, and fans. Although this health crisis has not yet been completely overcome, we are pleased to have recovered much of the spirit that surrounds the race.

The second big news is from the real ‘stars’ of it all: the runners. Without their love and involvement, nothing we do would make sense. The registration rate practically doubled compared to the previous year, returning to pre-pandemic numbers. Athletes from a total of 59 different nationalities, of which a total of 2,648 managed to cross the finish line. The last two to do so, thus officially closing this edition, did so at 4.15am on Sunday morning.

Finally, the confirmation that Transgrancanaria is in good health and, above all, has a promising future ahead of it. This year’s edition has introduced changes in several areas. From now on, we are starting to design Transgrancanaria 2023 with enthusiasm.

Transgrancanaria 2022: the triumph of the many

This closing note is an opportunity to thank all the people and entities that have collaborated to make the race such a success. First of all, we would like to thank the support received from both the local institutions and the sponsors who have made a firm commitment to this event. Without them, this competition would not be possible.

If the collaboration of all these entities is important for the implementation of all the Transgrancanaria machinery, it is no less essential the participation of many people and organisations that make this event take place in perfect synchrony: volunteers, state security forces and so many other workers and collaborators who have lent a hand so that everything has worked out perfectly.

Finally, we would like to thank the diffusion that Transgrancanaria receives from specialised media from all over the world: those who manage to make our name go beyond our borders and those who have made our race one of the most solid on the international calendar.

Precisely in the chapter of communication, Transgrancanaria HG has taken a spectacular step forward this year: a live broadcast of the event for the whole world, with 14 hours of streaming (almost 100,000 reproductions on YouTube) and a follow-up with images of the runners during a large part of the route. In addition, the race had six live connections on the Teledeporte channel and live coverage, for yet another year, by Televisión Canaria for the entire Canary Islands.

Foto: Carlos Díaz Recio

Excitement in abundance in the six races

On a strictly sporting level, excitement has taken over the six official races that make up the Transgrancanaria HG. This section also has an important novelty: the KV El Gigante (vertical kilometre) held last Thursday in Agaete.

The Transgrancanaria HG Classic, in which Pablo Villa and Ragna Debats were crowned champions in their respective disciplines, took centre stage. Pau Capell, who returned to the island after last year’s injury, could not win his fifth race, but he added a second place to his list of achievements.

The Advanced category was won by the British Tom Evans and the Swiss Ariane Wilhem, while the Marathon went to the Swedish Sebastian Ljungdahl and the Spanish Sara Alonso, who lives in Gran Canaria. The Italian Alberto Vender and the French Mélina Grosjean added their names to the Starter’s list of winners.

The fastest of our races, Transgrancanaria HG Promo, went to the Italian Daniel Pattis in an uncontested victory. The Slovenian Sasa Torkar won the women’s race. The Youth race, an independent classification for runners between 15 and 21 years old, was held on the same course: The French runner Mael Allaire and the Spanish Noelia Santana were the winners in their respective categories. Finally, the newest of our modalities, the KV El Gigante, crowned the British Chris Richards and the Spanish Gisela Carrión as winners.

Besides the individual victories in the Classic and Marathon categories, it should be noted that both races count towards the Spartan Trail World Championship, in the Trail Ultra and Trail Run categories. Transgrancanaria HG is the brand-new first race of the nine races in the calendar, with competitions all over the world during the next months.

A real party, in all senses of the word

Transgrancanaria HG also had a spectacular atmosphere beyond the competition itself: an event designed for the enjoyment of the runners, but also for all the fans present at the supply points and at the finish line. There were entertainment groups, parades, music concerts and, above all, a carnival atmosphere typical of this time of year in the islands.

Here are all the final official rankings.



  1. Pablo Villa (ESP). 13:37:30
  2. Pau Capell (ESP). 13:58:47
  3. Pere Aurell (ESP). 14:12:02


  1. Ragna Debats (HOL). 16:00:14
  2. Abby Hall (USA). 16:21:29
  3. Claudia Tremps (ESP). 16:45:35



  1. Tom Evans (GRB). 05:10:39
  2. Aritz Egea (ESP). 05:20:25
  3. Matthieu Delpeuch (FRA). 05:31:44


  1. Ariana Wilhem (SUI). 06:06:16
  2. Johanna Antila (FIN). 06:10:29
  3. Leah Yingling (USA). 06:35:49



  1. Sebastian Ljungdahl (SUE). 03:02:00
  2. Marten Boström (FIN). 03:05:07
  3. Antonio Martínez (ESP). 03:08:02


  1. Sara Alonso (ESP). 03:30:10
  2. Toni McCann (RSA). 03:34:03
  3. Anna Comet (ESP). 03:37:26



  1. Alberto Vender (ITA). 01:35:51
  2. Eduard Hernández (ESP). 01:38:34
  3. Damián Ramis (ESP). 01:40:50


  1. Mélina Grosjean (FRA). 01:57:45
  2. Ainara Uribarri (ESP). 02:00:20
  3. Georgia Tindley (GRB). 02:04:11



  1. Daniel Pattis (ITA). 00:44:31
  2. Jürgen Lui (ALE). 00:53:38
  3. Jorge Álvarez (ESP). 00:54:14


  1. Sasa Torkar (ESL). 01:07:47
  2. Lara Cordero (ESP). 01:08:28
  3. Mar González (ESP). 01:08:36



  1. Mael Allaire (FRA). 00:46:40
  2. Saúl Rodríguez (ESP). 00:51:47
  3. Aarón Felipe (ESP). 00:53:23


  1. Noelia Santana (ESP). 01:28:35



  1. Chris Richards (GBR). 00:39:05
  2. Ricardo Cherta (ESP). 00:41:33
  3. Yoann Stuck (FRA). 00:42:48


  1. Gisela Carrión (ESP). 00:48:50
  2. Georgia Tindley (GBR). 00:49:40
  3. Mélina Clerc-Grosjean (FRA). 00:53:23

Foto: David Delfour

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