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Tejeda becomes one of the epicentres of Transgrancanaria 2023

The town will host the finishes of the Promo and Starter modalities, and the start of the Marathon

The aid points for the Classic and the Advanced will be moved to the Centro Polivalente La Vaguada.

Tejeda will become one of the epicentres of the Transgrancanaria 2023 next February thanks to a clear support of the Town Hall for sport in general and trail running in particular. The town will host for three consecutive days the runners of up to five modalities, concentrating in the town centre the finishes of the Promo and Starter races, the start line of the Marathon and one of the main aid stations of the Classic and Advanced races, which will be located in the Centro Polivalente La Vaguada.

The trail festival will move to the summit on Thursday, 23 February, with the Promo and Starter modalities, which completely modify their routes. The shorter distance will be 12 kilometres and 700 metres of elevation, connecting Artenara and Tejeda, after passing through Cuevas de Caballero and Cruz de Tejeda. The Starter, on the other hand, will start from Tunte, from where the runners will face a tough climb through Cruz Grande and the Camino de La Plata until they reach Roque Nublo and then face a technical descent to the town centre of Tejeda. There will be 24 kilometres with approximately 1,600 metres of positive elevation.

Another of the races that will change its route and date next year is the Marathon, which will be held on Friday, February 24th. In 2023, Tejeda will become the starting point for the 45 kilometres and 1,800 metres of positive elevation that will take runners through La Culata and Roque Nublo and then link up with the same route as last year’s edition until they reach Parque Sur in Maspalomas, which will repeat as the finishing line for the three longer distances after the success of last year’s edition.

The Classic and Advanced of Transgrancanaria will also have novelties in the town. The aid point will be moved to the Centro Polivalente La Vaguada, next to the municipal swimming pool, which will provide the participants with an enclosed, warmer space, with a rest area where they can recharge their batteries to face the approximately 50 kilometres that still remain to the finish line. In addition, the route for both modalities will be modified to avoid the two kilometres of asphalt that in the last editions has been done up to the wicker basket sculpture. Thus, the runners will first have to go downhill next to the municipal hostel to the ravine, then up to the Cruz de Timagada and continue through La Culata before reaching the summit of Roque Nublo.

The Mayor of Tejeda, Francisco Juan Perera, assures that for years the Town Hall “has been betting hard on the possibility of attracting the main modalities of the Transgrancanaria and, fortunately, this year we are going to achieve it”. For the councillor, hosting five of the six modalities is fundamental not only for the arrival of participants and fans during the three days of competition, but also for the economic repercussion that the municipality has before the races. “We believe that it is more important when the participants come to train, especially during the weekends, accompanied by friends and family”. “This influx”, he adds, “is noticeable in local commerce”.

Perera also reminds us that between 16 and 20 November Tejeda will be the centre of the WAA 360 The Challenge, hosting the start and finish line of the runners, who will have to cover more than 200 kilometres in self-sufficiency. “It is one of the best races in the archipelago, and we will be the epicentre for five days, with an impressive display in the town to provide the maximum coverage that this race requires”, he said.

The Mayor of Tejeda invited all mountain runners and amateurs to visit the municipality which, in his words, offers “the chance to enjoy nature, the landscape and the gastronomy, with our exquisite confectionery” of which he highlighted the “famous palm trees”. “It is difficult for anyone to leave Tejeda without eating a palm tree pastry”, he adds. All this accompanied by “the friendliness of our neighbours”.

Registrations for all the Transgrancanaria modalities will be open from next Tuesday, July 5th, from the official website

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