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The battle for the podium starts tonight

The Canarian Ivan Galván emerged as runner-up of the WAA 360º

With Pau Capell not taking part in this edition after being four times in a row the reigning champion, a new winner of the Classic is to be announced

This evening, the WAA 360º runners’ arrivals in the finish line placed at Expomeloneras are being the best prelude for the battles ahead for the throne of the Transgrancanaria. The Canarian Iván Galván completed 243 kilometres in an extraordinary time: 48 hours, 20 minutes and 20 seconds, improving his 2019 result when he completed the race in third place.

Atypical race that will end up crowning a new champion

It is going to be the most difficult race throughout Transgrancanaria’s history not only because of the strict safety measures, but also because of the demands of the race. The new staggered system in the start line that allows runners to start the race keeping the social distance will stop us from seeing pictures like the ones of last year with Pau Cappell and Pablo Villa crossing the finish line, holding hands and sharing their victory.

In fact, one of the latest and most important news is that of  Pau Capell, four-time champion of the Classic, pulling out of the race at the last minute because of an injury. Capell will not be able to crown the desired throne of the Classic for fifth consecutive year, which will give new contenders a chance to topple the king of the Classic from his throne.

Given his successful sporting career, there is no doubt that Pablo Villa, who shared last year’s victory with Pau Capell, is one of the favourites. Without Capell, this could be his chance to complete the race in first place -and on his own.

However, Pablo Villa is not the only one who stands a chance. There are other great athletes under the spotlight that are taking part in the first race opening the Spartan Trail World Championship. Among them, we count on Simen Hjalmar Wästlund, Pere Aurell, Daniel Jung, the Greek Fotos Zisimopoulos, former winner of the race Gediminas Grinius; or Alejandro Mayor, David Lutzardo, Yeray Durán and Estanislao Rivero representing the Canary Islands.


Once again, the podium of female winners includes a wide range of athletes. The Polish Magdalena Lackzak, winner in the editions of 2018 and 2019, is always a contender for the gold medal and this year she is seeking her third victory.  Nevertheless, there are many other rivals: Both Azara García and Ragna Debats from Holland stand a great chance to share the podium with the Polish. Who will win? We will see tomorrow in the finish line around 15.00 PM if everything goes as expected. Claudia Tremps from Catalonia, who took fifth place in the last edition, or Ines Marques from Portugal are likely to be serious contenders.


Regarding the Advanced (On Saturday, 09:00 AM in Artenara), there will be many talented runners. Among the leading male athletes, we find names such as Kevin Vermeulen, Jesús Gil, Martin Halasz, David Prades or Donatello Rota. From the Canary Islands, we will be counting on Esteban García, Glendor Rodríguez, Dani Santana and Juan Pablo Gil. As for the female athletes, we can highlight three names: Maryline Nakache, last year’s champion; Emily Schimitz from USA, or Dominique Van Mechgelen from Belgium but settled in Gran Canaria.

Regarding the Marathon (On Saturday, 09:30 AM in El Garañón), which is one of the scoring modalities for the Spartan Trail World Championship and part of the official calendar of RFEA, we count on an outstanding group of athletes. The top female contenders are Dominika Stelmach, Elisa Desco, Gemma Arenas, Marta Molist, Virginia Pérez, Sara Alonso and Elsa Padrón. As for the male athletes, we will be enjoying the participation of Andreu Simón, last year’s winner, who will have to defend his title against runners such as Antonio Martínez, Borja Fernández, Mario Olmedo, Alejandro Forcades, Marco De Gasperi, Ricardo Cherta, Marten Böstrom, and the Canarios Yoel De Paz, Oswaldo Medina, Raúl Latorre, Álvaro Escuela, Alberto González, etc.

High level is expected in the shortest distances

In regard to the Starter (On Saturday, 08:30 AM in Tunte), we count on the elite athlete Daniel Osanz from Aragón as the most outstanding participant. Among the female athletes,  Celine Lafaye from France or Aroa Merino from Lanzarote stand out.

As for the Promo and Youth, it should be noted that we will be counting on Sheila Aviles from Catalonia, who will be rubbing shoulders with other renown athletes such as Julia Font, Moana Kehres or Marta Pérez. Javi Fernandez from El Hierro is the favorite among the male runners.

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