The broadcast of Transgrancanaria 2023 had an audience of over 1.7 million viewers

The TV channel Teledeporte gathers 1.53 million people in front of the screen and the Youtube streaming of the event already has more than 160,000 views – More than forty professionals were accredited and more than a hundred media from all over the world have covered the different races.

In its 24th edition, the broadcasting of the Transgrancanaria reached an audience of more than 1.5 million viewers, making it the most followed trail running event in the history of Spain. The number of people who at some point tuned in to the Teledeporte television channel during the Classic and the Marathon reached 1.53 million, with a golden minute of 83,000 viewers, while the streaming on the Youtube channels of the race has so far exceeded 160,000 views. To these figures must be added those of Televisión Canaria, which covered five hours of the main event, and the Catalan public channel Esport3, which broadcasted another ten hours.

Arista Eventos, the organiser of the mountain race, made a firm commitment to bring the spectacle of mountain races to the world’s screens. To do this, it has worked together with the production company Evasión TV, which was in charge of the live broadcast for the third consecutive year. A team of more than thirty people spent three months preparing the broadcast which, for the first time, was cast in its entirety in two languages: Spanish and English. More than 17 hours were spent bringing the images of the Classic and Marathon modalities to the homes of trail running lovers.

Teledeporte data support this decision with an accumulated audience of 1.532 million viewers, 236,000 in the first part of Friday (09.00 to 13.19) with the Marathon and another 373,000 in the second part (15.48 to 15.57). On Saturday, the Classic attracted 488,000 people with a golden minute recorded at 13:14 on Saturday when the American runner Courtney Dauwalter crossed the Ayagaures dam, attracting 83,000 people in front of the television. In addition to these figures, there were 258,000 viewers for the delayed broadcast of the ultra finish between 17:47 and 18:30 and 177,000 for the replay of the Marathon in the early hours of Monday morning.

To these figures must be added the audience of Televisión Canaria, which deployed a set at the arrival of the Parque Sur de Maspalomas to broadcast three hours live on television and another two more through its Internet platform. The thematic sports channel of the Catalan television Esport3, covered more than ten hours of the Transgrancanaria with the commentary of the professional runner of the Adidas Terrex team, Sheila Avilés. In addition, in the coming days the thematic channels Teledeporte and Movistar + Deportes will be broadcasting reports on the race.

160,000 views on Youtube

The more than 17 hours of broadcasting on Youtube were another success. The Spanish channel, directed by journalist Albert Jorquera with the collaboration of athletes such as Sara Alonso and Jordi Gamito, has so far exceeded 115,000 views, while the English channel, which was presented by Tom Morgenstern together with runners Fernanda Maciel and Emily Schmitz, has already reached 45,000 views.

Arista Eventos considers that the live broadcast of the Transgrancanaria has been a milestone for both the audience registered and for the quality of the images. These served to show the spectacular landscapes of the interior of the island where one of the best ultra-distance races in the world takes place, with the now iconic passage of the American athlete Courtney Dauwalter through the Roque Nublo.

In addition to this achievement, the mountain race has been widely covered by both specialised and general media from all over the world. The Transgrancanaria, scoring for the Spartan Trail World Championship, had more than 40 accredited professionals and, so far, its repercussion has been reflected in publications of more than a hundred media from all continents that highlighted, among other information, the victories of Dauwalter and Andreu Simón in the Classic and Azara García de los Salmones in the Advanced category, the victories of the Spaniard Nuria Gil and the Kenyan Robert Pkemoi in the Marathon or the photo finish between the Polish Bart Przedwojewski and the Spaniard Álex García in the Starter category.

More than two million page views on the Live Trail

Another of the data that reveals the huge following that the Transgrancanaria had this year is the 2.2 million page views on the Live Trail application that published the live times of the more than 3,400 runners who participated in the different modalities. The vast majority of these consultations were made from Spain (1.2 million), followed by France (286,481), Portugal (60,998), Germany (57,388), Italy (50,784), Poland (50,028) and the United Kingdom (49,287). Internet users also watched 37,000 videos from the different Live Trail cameras that showed the runners passing through the main refreshment posts. Another noteworthy fact is that each user spent more than eight minutes on the application.

The Transgrancanaria is sponsored by the institutions Cabildo de Gran Canaria through Turismo de Gran Canaria and Gran Canaria Isla Europea del Deporte, the Government of the Canary Islands with Promotur – Islas Canarias, Maspalomas Costa Canaria, Instituto Municipal de Deportes de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Town Hall of Tejeda; and the companies SWE, Fred. Olsen Express, University Hospitals San Roque, the only private hospital with the category of University Hospital in all the Canary Islands; Expomeloneras, 226ERS and Sonocom Audiovisuales, as well as the collaboration of COROS, Petzl, Aguas de Teror, Ahembo, Emicela, Vivac Aventura, Lorenzo Gonzalez Automoción, Tirma, Hotel Aloe Canteras, Inerza and Provital.

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