The Trans 360º will be taking place in November and will bring deeper emotions

The wildest distance will be divided into different times of the year, concretely it will be hosted from 17th to 21st November 2021.

The fifth edition of the Trans 360º is already finished and it has reached a turning point in the history of the Transgrancanaria. Thanks to the support of WAA and Fred. Olsen Express, this daunting challenge has widened up its horizons by taking place not only on the island of Gran Canaria but by kicking off on Tenerife —bringing a new sense of adventure! For the grand finale of the challenging Trans 360º, we enjoyed the victories of Marco Gubert and Claire Bannwarth in a race with 52 finishers at Expomeloneras.

After five years taking place at the same time as the Transgrancanaria, the  race’s organizers want to stress the importance of the Trans 360º by setting an exclusive date for the distance. This existing project is to be held in Autumn, from 17th to 21st November 2021.

Over these last years the Trans 360º has impressed trail runners in the five continents. It is a challenge in self-sufficiency aimed at the most adventurous. Its track, with demands and paths that go far beyond the traditional trail mountain races, is revealed only a couple of days before the race starts. The fact that runners only count on their GPS and a cartographic map makes this distance a one-of-a-kind event in the world.

Trans 360º’s runners —who organize a race of up to 100 hours in which they do not get a wink of sleep, must carry their own material and can only get supplies in the basecamps located along the track—, are always under the spotlight of the Transgrancanaria. Now they will be able to shine in an event created just for them.

This year’s double challenge, with a first stage starting in El macizo de Anaga on Tenerife and with the ferry to come back to Gran Canaria, is just a trailer of what is going to happen in future editions. From now on thanks to the sponsorship of the French brand WAA, this distance has grown up to explore different locations and there are still surprises that wait to be discovered.

More details about the Trans 360º will be announced in the following months.

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