Transgrancanaria HG 2021 closes hoping next edition to return to normal

Transgrancanaria HG finishes this 22º edition with another organizative success despite the tough restrictions

Aurelien Dunand-Pallaz and Azara García become winners in Transgrancanaria Classic

Time to say goodbye again. It’s been another exciting weekend of trail running at Transgrancanaria HG. And we close the event with great satisfaction that everything went as planned, given such a complicated scenario due to the pandemic.

Today, we start organizing next year’s edition with a dream on the horizon: 2022 will be the year that we return to normal. We miss celebrating Transgrancanaria HG in the same way we all know. We want to see runners, the true heroes of this race, enjoying the event without restrictions and celebrating their goals with friends and relatives.

We really missed the support of the fans. Not only the local population but also many Transgrancanaria friends who were not able to visit us this weekend. We missed their cheer in the sand at Playa de Las Canteras on Friday night, and your fire at the finish line at Expomeloneras.

But it’s time to say thanks too

It’s not only a time to say goodbye, but also to thank so many people and organizations who made the Transgrancanaria HG possible one more year.

First of all, local authorities: with their crucial support, the event would not have been organised. Many thanks to sponsors and companies who put their effort in such a complicated situation to help Transgrancanaria HG to be a reality.

We don’t want to forget the volunteers, law enforcement authorities and of course all the Transgrancanaria HG family members in different areas and departments who worked so the event has been another success.

Last but not least, we would especially thank the effort of those who decided to trust us one more year: around 1.700 runners from 45 different countries who kept the fire of Transgrancanaria alive. Their enthusiasm has made all these months meaningful.

We are really proud to discover the trail running community has acknowledged our commitment to keep organising such a great event like Transgrancanaria HG. We admit it’s been a real effort, but if our race has been considered one of the best trail running events in the circuit, it’s because Transgrancanaria people never surrender.

So far, so close

Pandemic restrictions have reduced the number of media and supporters in Gran Canaria during this weekend. This is obvious. So our challenge was to bring all of them the race as close as possible in terms of communications.

We served the most ambitious streaming live service of the Transgrancanaria history: more broadcast hours than ever, more cameras – including drone shots- who was incredibly led by journalist and trail runner Albert Jorquera in Spanish and English.

Thrilling races in all distances

All the distances have been exciting and contested. From Transgrancanaria Classic which  crowned Aurelien Dunand-Pallaz and Azara Garcia to Promo distance, where Luis Nogueira crossed the finishing line in less than an hour after running 17k.

A lot of new names in the top of Transgrancanaria HG standings: Marco Gubert, who replaced Luca Papi as winner in WAA 360º. But other names who repeat: Andreu Simon, winner of the Marathon distance or Maryline Nakache, with her second victory in the Advanced distance.

It is also emotional for us to see young local talented athletes, who were just babies when the Transgrancanaria started, like Javier Fernández (from the island of El Hierro) or Moana Lilly Kehres (La Palma), are putting their names in our record history with two wins in the Youth distance.

Find attached official standings in all Transgrancanaria HG distances:



  1. Marco Gubert (ITA). 46:28:53
  2. Iván Galván (ESP). 48:40:21
  3. Eugeni Roselló (ESP) & Luca Papi (ITA). 54:26:09


  1. Claire Bannwarth (FRA). 63:42:50
  2. Marina Plavan (ITA). 73:37:24
  3. María del Carmen Pérez (ESP). 78:39:52



  1. Aurelien Dunand-Pallaz (FRA). 13:42:43
  2. Pere Aurell (ESP). 14:03:36
  3. Fotis Zisimopoulos (GRE). 14:19:06


  1. Azara García de los Salmones (ESP). 16:35:11
  2. Claudia Tremps (ESP). 16:57:21
  3. Ines Marques (POR). 17:23:48



  1. David Prades (ESP). 05:47:12
  2. Rodigo Monasor (ESP). 05:56:01
  3. Alberto Peláez (ESP). 05:56:02


  1. Maryline Nakache (FRA). 06:32:34
  2. Martina Potrc (SLO). 06:40:54
  3. Dominique van Mechgelen (BEL). 06:47:43



  1. Andreu Simón (ESP). 02:41:27
  2. Ben Kimtai Cematot (KEN). 02:43:24
  3. Marten Boström (FIN). 02:44:09


  1. Virginia Pérez (ESP). 03:14:39
  2. Monica Cheruto (KEN). 03:15:40
  3. Sarah Jerop (KEN). 03:15:50



  1. Damián Ramis (ESP). 01:56:22
  2. Jacek Sobas (POL). 01:57:02
  3. Carlos Carballo (ESP). 01:58:49


  1. Yolanda Martín (ESP). 02:11:06
  2. Aroa Merino (ESP). 02:13:55
  3. María Ordóñez (ESP). 02:15:01



  1. Luis Nogueira (ESP). 00:59:51
  2. Roger Comellas (ESP). 01:01:12
  3. Alejandro Hernández (ESP). 01:05:48


  1. Júlia Font (ESP). 01:07:40
  2. Sheila Avilés (ESP). 01:11:06
  3. Marta Pérez (ESP). 01:14:18



  1. Javier Fernández (ESP). 01:03:37
  2. Aarón Felipe Hernández (ESP). 01:07:58
  3. Sabbas de Paz (ESP). 01:11:28


  1. Moana Lilly Kehres (ESP). 01:09:10
  2. Noelia María Santana (ESP). 01:37:05

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