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Transgrancanaria HG will participate in the Trail Mountain Running Series 2020

The Trail Mountain Running Series 2020 have been presented at the Spanish Sports Board. It is a firm commitment of the Spanish Athletics Federation to promote a new Series that brings together different races that will be part of its official calendar. The conference was lead by Mr. Mariano Soriano, General Director of CSD, with the president of the RSAF, Raúl Chapado and with the company of the athlete Pablo Villalobos and the organisers of the Series’ races.

Transgrancanaria HG will be decisive in forming the Spanish national trail running team. This year, one of the main objectives of the team will be the Mountain Running World Championship that will be held at the Haría Extreme Lanzarote in November. The WAA Marathon will start the Series on March 7 and it will gather a wide representation of athletes that will start a tour with 12 races at a national level.

Trail Mountain Running Series 2020 will be formed by the following races: Transgrancanaria HG, Reventón Trail, Desafío Calar del Río Mundo, Penyagolosa Trails HG, Trail Costa Quebrada, Zumaia Flysch, Transvulcania, Riaño Trail Run, Desafío Urbión, Maratón Montaña Palentina, Canfranc – Canfranc and Haría Extreme Lanzarote. The full regulations and the competition level of each race will be soon announced, following quality standards set by the Federation.

Transgrancanaria HG releases a new website

Transgrancanaria HG has released its digital image with a renewed website. A month before the race, participants will find all the necessary information for the race thanks to a more intuitive and modern design for all Internet users. The technical data of the races, the programme of events, the latest news and the historical event are available on a website that presents a new image.

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