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Transgrancanaria HG reduces to 50% the amount of runners for the next edition

The event wants to protect itself against possible changes in sanitary conditions and will only sale the half of the bibs for each of its six races

The organization is working on a possible reschedule of its timetable to comply the security protocols for the next edition

2021 will be a special year for Transgrancanaria HG. The race, which was able to celebrate its 21st edition last March by anticipating the health crisis, is currently working looking towards next February to hold an event that can set an example of how necessary and safe outdoor sports can be in the times we are living in.

In order to comply with the current regulations, the organization has decided to reduce to 50% the amount of race entries to be sold for the event scheduled for the 24-28th of February. This decision is founded on the health protocols which have been set for the race, as the changing situation the world is going through implies many sacrifices for the events. This way, the organization wants to offer a safe and nice experience to those participants who can have access to a race bib.

Transgrancanaria HG 2021 has already exceeded the amount of 1.000 runners. Therefore, some of its races are already facing the final stretch before selling out. The organization has extended the discount period until November 18th with the intention, on one side, of giving more time to the participants to plan their logistics for the event and, on the other side, to help those who have been financially affected by the pandemic effects and have a better chance to accomplish their dream.

This way, the race which is closer to selling out is the WAA 360º challenge, which has 81% of its bibs already occupied. It is followed by the Classic (129 kms) with 62% of race entries sold and the Advanced (65 kms) with 58%, while the shorter distances (42 kms Marathon, 30 kms Starter and 17 kms Promo) will soon reach 50% of its capacity.

In addition, the organization is working on several changes that will affect the amount of services offered, possible spectators restrictions and changes in the race schedule. Despite working with the idea of maintaining the timetable as it has been established in the past years, the event will adjust its program given the case that the health authorities order so. Every modification will be communicated with enough time to the registered runners and possible changes in race entries will be supplied.

The organization is working hard and with a huge effort into carrying out this event which represents a dream for so many people, especially in the current situation we are living in.

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